You can’t go wrong with these shirts

bespokeHave you ever seen shirts as handsome as these? Image yourself wearing them and think about how good you would look in them, especially the first one from the end.

They simply look good and suit any formal scenario that you could think of. For what is more, the ties that go with them could not be better. Such colors perfectly match the patterns of the shirts.

Matching colors is a very fundamental rule of men’s style and fashion. If you ever mismatch colors when it comes to deciding what attire you should wear you will make the worst mistake there is.

However, what really is relevant here is that these shirts are custom made because a shirt that is not made for a man looks so wrong no matter if colors are perfect match with each other.

Looking good is also about how neat or tight your clothes fit you. You cannot go too tight, but also loosened. There must be a balance in everything you wear.

These bespoke shirts are great examples of what is ideal for men’s styles. The concept behind them is what is important as the such reflects the principles of fashion.

Many men would love to wear shirts that fit such as these ones, they are personified and well done. You can tell by carefully looking at every detail of it including the cuffs and collars which are certainly tailor made.

It just does not get any better than this as for what impression these will make of you.

I personally prefer to get my shirts done at a tailor shop right across from my building. It is a great place to have any shirt done. I even go as creating as putting monograms on the front of my shirts’ pockets and cuffs. There is just no end to what one can do to the best of his imagination.

The actual truth behind ties and men’s styles


Ties play a big role in our daily lives, they can be described as the most intrinsic elements of our looks as they represent the center of our style.

When we go out, the first thing people would commonly notice is our face, then whats below it, the piece of cloth that is more attached to our body.

Ties represent the heart of our attire, they are the voice of our own personality.

Moreover, there are endless types of tie patterns and colors that a gentleman could choose from such as the ones you see on this article’s featured image.

The ones that stand the most are certainly those with vibrant colors like a hot red or blue. If you were ties like this with almost any attire, you will be eyes on you, especially if your suit is a dark black or your shirt.

There are quite a lot of ties to choose from. The best part if that a gentleman gets to create his own style by his own vision.  You could even say that the ultimate style of a real gentleman is the one he personifies the most. There are different ways to see it, but this one is the most realistic one.

All men have it in them, it’s just up to their imagination and creativity what comes out of designing their own clothes.

In other words, freestyle is the best there is to be as fashionable as it gets because you won’t see anyone else wearing the same you are wearing unless they copy it from you.

Your artistic work is only yours and your style is as genuine as the most elegant gentlemen out there.

The important thing is that you never doubt what makes a man the best dressed gent and keep in mind that there are no limits to what your mind is capable to create.